Saipan restaurant Gentle Brook Cafe Sandwich

Hamburger & Sandwich

Order Quick Café menu get Ice tea, Cold green tea only $1.00 

Pork Cutlet Sandwich $9.50  

Tonkatsu with homemade sauce

Extreme Burger $9.00

6oz beef Hamburger and egg, cheese, bacon, tomato, pickles, lettuce, onion.          

Classic Burger $6.50

tomato, pickles, onion

Cheese Hamburger $7.00

Cheese, pickle, tomato

Bacon & Cheese Hamburger $7.50

Cheese, pickle, bacon, tomato                       

Whole wheat bread or White bread with Cheese          

Grilled Cheese sandwich $2.50

Add Tomato or Bacon or Double cheese ( 1.each $0.50)

Tuna Salad sandwich$3.50   

Loco-Moco $5.99     

4oz Beef Hamburger and sunny side up egg on the rice.

Sala-Moco $6.99

4oz Beef Hamburger and sunny side up egg & Salad on the rice.                                        

Chicken Curry $5.00

Japanese style Curry with chicken, potato, carrot, onion.